About Us

In 2008, Stonetown Insurance Brokers and Thames Valley Insurance Brokers amalgamated to create St. Marys Insurance Group Inc., a full service general insurance brokerage. Located at 47 Water Street North in downtown St. Marys, we have 9 licensed brokers to help guide you through all of your property and casualty insurance needs. We represent many Local, Canadian, International and Specialty insurance companies which enables us to find the proper fit for you, whether your insurance needs are large or small, straightforward or complex.
Insurance is not simple, it is complicated. An insurance contract can run for dozens of pages, full of legal terms and definitions that are unfamiliar to the average

That is why an insurance broker is such a valuable tool in helping you make the right choices when it comes to protecting what matters. Our office personnel have over 175 years of experience with property and casualty insurance in both personal and commercial lines.

We are constantly upgrading our education, skills and technology to make sure we are ideally prepared to serve our clients.
As an independent business in the St. Marys community, we want you to know that we consider our clients not only to be our customers, but also to be our friends and neighbours. Friends we can serve, friends we’re familiar and comfortable with, friends who can count on us when you need help or advice. We will endeavor to protect you and keep you covered for the unexpected events that can occur. Each client is important to us and we strive to create a lasting connection with everyone we serve while we act and provide unbiased advice that is in their best interests. We also pledge to use our resources to make our community the best place in the world to live, work and play.